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Welcome to Little Acorn Makes

Hello, I'm Millie, mum to three boys George, Archie and Stanley.

I set up Little Acorn Makes in 2018 after spending time making items for Stanley and absolutely loving it and the individual look it gave him. He now lives in my clothing daily and we have lots of fun teaming it up with high street and other Instagram bought clothing.

I love experimenting with the fabrics we have in stock and mixing them together to make something a bit different. All items are handmade by myself. All our fabrics are now designed, printed and made in the UK. The designs are fully exclusive to us in the colourway we have chosen and we are so proud to be able give you something you can only get from us.

You honestly will see me doing a 'happy dance' each time a new order comes in.


What our customers say...
Just wanted to send you a message and say thank you, my youngest is currently wearing some of your pieces that all 3 of my boys have worn. They are still in such good condition and they get so many compliments.

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